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1343 Duane Street, Astoria, OR 97103

Monday: Closed

Tuesday and Thursday: 11:30am to 8:00pm

Friday and Saturday 11:30am to 9pm

Sunday 11:30am to 4pm

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About Us

The Hot Box BBQ started as a BBQ contest team that was led by BBQ master Abbie Rhoads. After several years of wins the community began to demand a way to have Abbie's delicious smoked perfection year round. Her first cart was a tiny affair with only four items, the Original, the Maui Wowie, the Green Meany salad and the gound pig pork ribs. She was an instant success. People loved the use of only the finest ingredients and hours of preparation time that went into every mouth watering morsel of pulled pork or baby back rib. Soon Abbie's ambition to reach a larger audience with her award winning sandwiches overcame her and she, along with her husband Dan and daughter Cecilia sold the old cart and moved to Portland, the great grand daddy of the food cart scene in America. She added new, unique sandwiches that cater the palates of Portlanders like the succulent Sorta Torta and the blisteringly hot Volcano with new creations being added daily. Bon appetit Portland.

The original Hot Box Food Cart.

The original Hot Box Food Cart.

Many people ask how The Hot Box got it's name. The answer is not what you'd expect! While Abbie was brainstorming out loud names that incorporated bbq, smoking meats, pigs and Humboldt Dan was Googling slang terms for BBQ smokers. Wouldn't you know it, the first return on the search was the term "hot box". As it turns out people in the south having been calling smokers hot boxes for years. The fact that Humboldt had its own definition for the term made it too perfect to resist. After a few unscientific poles of friends and family it was determined that the name was unanimously loved and The Hot Box BBQ was born!

BBQ Victories

Winners of 2010's 2nd Annual SoHum BBQ Smoke-off!!!

Winners of 2010's 2nd Annual SoHum BBQ Smoke-off!!!

Winners of the BBQ competition at the 2011 SoHum BBQ Smoke-off.

Winners of the BBQ competition at the 2011 SoHum BBQ Smoke-off.

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Portland's Best New Food Carts 2015 - The Oregonian

The Hot Box BBQ - Willamette Week

“Hot Box BBQ presents luscious, irresistible, inexpensive bite of pig” 4 stars
— The Mouth from Coastweekend